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  • 27.09.2021
JLo: how Gigli nearly destroyed me

JLo: how Gigli nearly destroyed me

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IT was branded “unwatchable”, “dreadful” and “atrocious” by critics.
Now, Jennifer Lopez has opened up about her bomb of a movie, Gigli, co-starring her then-fiance Ben Affleck.
“I lost my sense of self, questioned if I belonged in this business, thought maybe I did suck at everything,” Lopez, 48, told Vanity Fair.
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The romantic comedy was one of the biggest box office flops of 2003 and won six Razzies (the Oscars for bad films), including Worst Picture, Worst Actor (for Affleck) and Worst Actress (Lopez).
It was ranked No. 15 on a list of the worst movies ever by The Hollywood Reporter.
Meantime, Lopez also spoke about the pain of her very public breakup from Affleck in the aftermath, saying: “My relationship self-destructed in front of the entire world”.
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Lopez said it took her two years to get over “until I picked myself up again”.
“I was eviscerated,” she said, in the magazine’s December issue.
“It was a two-year thing for me until I picked myself up again.”
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Also speaking to Vanity Fair, former New York Yankees baseball star Alex Rodriguez said he and Lopez were “very much twins”.
“We’re both Leos; we’re both from New York; we’re both Latino and about 20 other things,” A-Rod, 42, said.
Lopez joked that their first date — at LA celebrity haunt Hotel Bel Air — was awkward.
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“He was sitting there in his white shirt, very confident and manly, but then he was just so talkative,” she told the magazine.
But Lopez said she wasn’t sure if Rodriguez thought it was a date.
“I don’t know if he thought it was a date. I thought it was a date,” Lopez said.
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Rodriguez chimed in: “I didn’t know if it was a date”.
“Maybe we were seeing each other at night because of her work schedule. I went in uneasy, not knowing her situation,” he said.
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